Computer EPoS programs

Computer EPoS programs are at the hear of any EPoS Ecommerce system.  This is the software which actually runs the system and ties together the different components such as stock control, eCommerce functionality and accounting integration.

A computer EPoS program usually sits over an operating system housed in a normal PC system but on larger systems has a dedicated operating system built in.  All systems for independent retailers will run as a program on top of an operating system and will incorporate drivers for peripherals such as electronically controlled till, barcode scanner, thermal printer and touch screen.

Many computer EPoS programs nowadays offer integration into centrallised stock control, meaning that sales from any connected channel (such as Google Products or an eCommerce website) will decrement the stock tree.  This is the only way to intelligently trade across many different online channels as otherwise stock levels will never be known.  Some more advanced systems such as the Intelligent Retail Connect system also allow ‘drag and drop’ functionality – allowing direct feeds into Ebay, Amazon etc which totally removes the requirement to use the admin systems for these websites.  This also means that any sales from these channels come back directly to the shop till – a great time saver for retailers.