EPoS Ecommerce Systems for Retailers

Integrated EPoS and Ecommerce systems are now a standard requirement for modern retailers. Since 2004, Intelligent Retail has been a pioneer of multichannel retail systems that integrate epos ecommerce into a single system.

The most effective way to run a business that sells stock in store and online, or online across multiple websites is to integrate the management of products and orders in one EPoS (Electronic Point of Sale) and Ecommerce system that includes stock control and a centralised customer database.

Why EPoS eCommerce?

Many more retailers are turning to modern EPoS eCommerce systems because it is almost impossible to run a shop and website without one. Managing stock between channels and keeping control of customer orders is so much easier with an integrated system, and there are lots more reasons why they are becoming so popular...


The key functions of an EPoS eCommerce system is as follows:
  • Stock control with real time information flowing through shop and websites
  • EPoS till functions
  • Order Management in store and online
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    eCommerce Designs

    As well as having the EPoS eCommerce platform, Intelligent Retail has a Creative Design and SEO team. Find out more about how these teams can create you a stunning eCommerce website and optimise it to appear higher in Google. Find out more about how we can deliver an optimised eCommerce website with built in stock control...